Our Ketamine Infusion Process

A soulful approach to a clinical condition

Our Process

Our program is centered around a collaborative therapist-patient relationship. We believe this multifaced approach is paramount for the most successful outcomes and helps build the trust needed to identify, address, and treat underlying emotional issues.

If you are currently working with a therapist and want to add Ketamine treatment to your mental health care, we can administer treatment in our comfortable clinic and, if desired,  further support you by communicating with your mental health care provider.

If you want to establish a new relationship with a therapist or want help navigating your journey towards wellness, our on-staff clinical psychologist and mental health care specialists are available to support you.

At Well Being Ketamine Center, our guiding principle is to support your best self and guide you on your journey to wellness. Ketamine infusion therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy has been successful in treating many different anxiety disorders as well as post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorders, bi-polar 1 and bi-polar 2, and chronic pain. It is also utilized as a suicidal ideation treatment.  Together we co-create a narrative-based treatment approach for your mental wellness that is based on your individual needs. Our preference and recommendation for the best results is to have three sessions with clinical psychologist, Dr. Amy Vail, during the five-session program to identify paths forward and be guided throughout the entire journey.


We can customize a treatment plan based on your needs:

  • Ketamine only
  • Ketamine with pre-counseling and intention-setting
  • Ketamine with therapeutic follow-up
  • Ketamine with Pre and Post therapeutic follow-up
  • Integrative group process work
  • Follow-up with outside providers
  • Connecting you to qualified mental health specialists.

To provide a comfortable healing environment combining state of the art medical care and top-notch mental health and wellness support.

To provide a fast track option for effective mental health care and provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain. Our team approach includes a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to treatment and our focus is on the whole person.  Our wellness based program includes state of the art facilities and training, current medical science, and includes utilizing  Ketamine treatment as appropriate, as an adjunct therapy,  for the treatment of mental health issues and chronic pain disorders.

  • Compassion
  • Effective Medical Space
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Privacy
  • Team-Oriented
  • Progressive
  • Scientifically Oriented
  • Love-Based Healing for the Whole Person
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Health and Wellness

Our Services

Ketamine Therapy with Psychological support

Pre-treatment counseling and intention setting combined with Ketamine Therapy

Group Counseling Sessions

Counseling in a group setting, relationally oriented with an integration focus

Individual Programming

Personalized counseling for the individual

Other Services

Visit our sister site at Well Being IV Lounge to learn more about our integrated approach to health and wellness.  Our individualized approach supports optimal health and wellbeing by combining integrated and functional medicine with orthomolecular healing protocols, and targeted treatments. We utilize state of the art testing, integrated medical and mental health care, and epigenetics to help you maximize your health, wellness, and performance. We want to help you to BE YOUR BEST and support you in living your very best life.  For more information, on our other services, please check out our companion site.


Visit Well Being IV Lounge

IV Vitamin Therapies

We have 10 IV drip therapies to meet your individual needs

Blood Tests To Establish A Baseline For Health

Testing to identify known and unknown health issues


Experience the life-changing benefits of NAD+

Light Therapy

Treat a variety of symptoms including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with light therapy