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Who We Are

We are your team of medical professionals who want to work with you to develop a plan and program in order to significantly increase your wellness quotient.  We want to understand each client’s narrative and work collaboratively, either with their current healthcare staff or an effective new team, to achieve desired results. We created this business after recognizing a significant gap in the healthcare world. We want to be able to take time to listen and work with each client to personalize their treatment. We wanted to create a community space where wellness, mental health, and longevity co-exist in a warm and welcoming locale. We strive to treat not only the emotional and physical symptoms but to work collectively to identify the deal with the causality of what ails our clients.

We seek to focus on Mental Wellness and to craft programming to the individual health care needs of our patients.

We care about the whole person and seek to aid in integrating BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT.  This integrated approach, combines personalized care, emerging medical science with the highest quality materials and state of the art products. Our goal is to enable people who are fighting mental health battles to have access to knowledge and state of the art tools available to them, to work through their tough times and return to a healthier and happier life.

We believe in nature as a backdrop for the journey and utilizing the outdoors as part of the recovery process. We chose to leave the hustle and bustle of the big cities and cookie-cutter medicine models and create a Mental Health Clinic that fosters deeper relationships with our clients and is focused on high-quality, compassionate, individualized health care.  

Dr. Aaron Stutz headshot

Dr. Aaron Stutz, MD FAAEM

Aaron is a board-certified emergency physician who has been working independently in emergency departments in both California and Nevada since 2013. In 2014 he co-founded Mountain Medics Inc. which subsequently grew into the nation’s most successful wildland firefighting medicine and ambulance service. Mountain Medics’ current clients include the US Forest Service, California Department of Fire and Oregon Department of Fire.

Aaron has a special interest in emerging pain and depression treatments and has been using ketamine in emergency department settings for 10 years. Aaron will serve as the chief executive in this new clinic endeavor as well as the primary medical officer responsible for creating medical protocols and for staffing the clinic.

Dr. Amy Vail headshot

Dr. Amy Vail, M.A., Psy.D., RMT

Dr. Amy Vail is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and she has been in private practice in the Tahoe area since 2006. Dr. Vail’s approach to therapy is based on a wellness model that supports the underlying healthy self while working to unravel faulty beliefs and behaviors that prevent adults, adolescents, and children from living their best lives. Dr. Vail has a collaborative approach to therapy and health care and works closely with other medical care providers, parents, and teachers to monitor and support the emotional growth and total well-being of her patients. 

Dr. Vail has extensive training and experience in Transpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Object Relations Therapy. Dr. Amy Vail has a great interest in experiential and wilderness therapy and incorporates intuitive and energetic medicine in her practice. Dr. Vail works with individuals, couples, and families and leads topic-specific groups and facilitates relationally oriented group therapy for emotional growth and development. Learn more about Dr. Vail.

Cody Sims headshot

Cody Sims, MS, PA-C

Cody Sims is an emergency department physician assistant with 10+ years of medical experience.  He has provided medical care in many different settings and has worked in both rural community hospitals and large metropolitan hospital Emergency Rooms all over California. As a National Geographic Explorer, he treated Meakambut tribal natives in the remote Karawari Sepik River Basin of Papua New Guinea and was featured in the Last of the Cave People. Prior to becoming a PA in New York City, Cody worked as an EMT paramedic in underserved populations in Bronx NY.

Outside of medicine, Cody has been an international rock climbing guide for more than 20 years and has lead expeditions in Alaska, the European Alps, and Mexico, to name a few. Cody has a broad and empathic approach to medicine, health, and wellness. 

Sierra Campbell headshot

Sierra Campbell, RN

Sierra was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After moving to the West in the mid-’90s, she landed in Lake Tahoe and has been connected to the Tahoe community ever since. Her passion is connected and consistent health care. As a nurse, she has enjoyed hospice care, home health, community health, and clinics. She has worked in infusion settings for the past four years in various capacities. She currently calls the West Shore of Lake Tahoe home, where she lives with her two children and enjoys all that the region has to offer.

Our Philosophy

“My medical practice is centered on discovering the personalized factors that contribute to an optimized result for each of my patients. To me, the key is to look at the whole picture by taking into account each patient’s biological, nutritional, aerobic quotient, genetic predisposition, lifestyle realities, physiological, and psychological components in order to provide the best outcomes.”

Cody Sims, MS, PA-C

“I believe the patient's perspective is critical in a modern healthcare relationship. A physician may feel he is doing everything right and even may see the patient physically benefiting from the therapy—but if the patient doesn’t agree, the treatment is not entirely successful. It's the patient's belief in the therapy that is most important. Patient autonomy is one of the highest ethical principles a doctor should adhere to. However, I also believe in the power of evidence-based medicine and statistics to logically indicate which therapies to best treat each patient. I base my recommendations on those principles. At Well Being Ketamine our team is committed to making sure each patient is on the right path.”

Dr. Aaron Stutz, MD FAAEM

“Every patient deserves my time. I center each evaluation around a comprehensive intake method to determine each person’s underlying health goals, motivators, and hurdles. I can provide recommendations for custom testing and broad treatment plans that are based on evidence-based medicine, cutting edge science and novel therapeutics. My goal is to provide patients with the most current medical knowledge and scientific insight to drive integrated plans and actions in order to optimize individual health.”

Cody Sims, MS, PA-C